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Kevin Hart Praises Dave Chappelle: 'In My Opinion, You're the GOAT

Kevin Hart was the performer on Monday's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, exactly where he had taken part in a real long back-and-forth (as is Rogan's thing) which hit on the automobile accident of his, meeting Jeff Bezos, moreover many relevantly because of this write up, the admiration of his for Dave Chappelle.

FYI, the reviews pertaining to that final issue begins around the 1:44:19 mark in the video above. Do what you'll with that information.

After host as well as guest swapped anecdotes and also described how unorthodox it was for Chappelle to move away from his self titled show on Comedy Central, Hart made it specific exactly how deeply the reverence of his for Chappelle is actually by declaring the feeling of his that he's the "GOAT" comic.

Specifically, Hart noted just how much he liked Dave's most recent Netflix special (2019's Stones and sticks), and that (during that specific) he had taken a decidedly open approach totally unconcerned together with the all those wanting to "cancel" individuals that point out stuff they do not love.

"I am envious and I am jealous of Dave's potential to visit and be totally free as a comic within the instances just where we seriously must be, plus Dave can be," Hart began.

That is as he dished out an extremely, very large compliment.

"Dave, in the opinion of mine, you are the GOAT. I believe your previous special has permitted you to surpass the Richard Pryor," Hart continued. "In my opinion, Dave Chappelle, I have to experience do groundbreaking, debatable, action as being a comedian in the occasions where comedy was actually being frowned upon. Comedians were being held responsible for doing things which we thought we'd never ever be ridiculed for.

"The one individual that stood on the pedestal, which received the interest that no others are able to find, outside myself, a [Chris] Rock, a Seinfeld, he stated in time the fucking flame may be the hottest [that]' I am really going to do what no one else will.' You have to fucking applaud that."

It is not initially Hart has praised Chappelle. In 2013, Hart, while being interviewed for VladTV, was asked in case he believed Chappelle was "the greatest living stand up comedian of our time," to that Hart responded by stating he was. "I would agree. I'd certainly agree." Hart continued, "Dave Chappelle is a completely different animal type, male, his comedic timing plus skill is as no other."

You are able to enjoy the Joe Rogan Experience interview above or maybe a snippet of it in which he discusses Chappelle below.