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Can make a Justin Fields-like ascent?

Can make a Justin Fields-like ascent? 

Camp season and spring football is a dueling open door for possibilities to both dazzle school mentors and bounce up the enlisting rankings. We see it constantly. 

CJ Stroud entered March of a year ago at No. 860 by and large in the 247Sports Composite. He completed the late spring as the Elite 11 MVP, bouncing into the four-star range and seeing his national intrigue detonate all the while. Stroud, in the long run, completed the cycle as a five-star prospect in the Top247. 

Justin Fields had a comparative – if not progressively forceful – ascend during the 2018 cycle. Fields focused on Penn State in December of 2016, positioning as the country's No. 8 generally speaking double risk quarterback in the 247Sports Composite. Nearly a half year later he withdrew the Elite 11 Finals as the country's No. 1 in general player in the Top247. 

Given spring football and the offseason camp calendar is going to get decisively, 247Sports is presenting another week after week content thing. Each Wednesday, we'll survey the 247Sports Rankings Council on an alternate inquiry over the enlisting scene. 

The current week's brief: "Which 2021 QB has the most obvious opportunity to make a Justin Fields-like ascent up the rankings during the camp season?" 

Kaidon Salter, Cedar Hill (Texas) 

Composite Rank: No. 244 

Enrollment Status: Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Ole Miss, and South Carolina are running "warm" in his enlistment 

 We punched Fields up to simply outside the Top100 in our post-season update and afterward the camp circuit truly sold us on him. I figure something very similar could occur with Salter. His numbers to this point haven't been affected, however, his ability is extremely clear. He's athletic yet is as yet a toss first quarterback. It feels like he's simply beginning to discover his balance and develop into an alpha kind of job broadly. From a range of abilities point of view, he helps me some to remember CJ Stroud from last class more so than Fields, however, he's demonstrating signs that he could move similarly that both of those folks did during their enrollments." – Barton Simmons, Director of Recruiting 

 Salter is really fascinating for me. He has just made a major move in our rankings, bouncing from outside the 247 to No. 89 generally. I as of late contrasted him with another player who made a major move only a year back, Ohio State endorser CJ Stroud. Stroud was a three-star following his lesser year yet completed as five-star in our last rankings in January. Salter has truly sparkled at a few slow time of year occasions and his lesser tape is great also. He's an athletic, two-sport competitor who is simply making his mark as a player and isn't close by anyone's standards to cresting at the present time. Search for him to keep on ascending the outlines and with a solid summer and senior year, there is no motivation behind why he can't complete as a five-star simply like Stroud a year prior." – Greg Biggins, National Analyst 


Can make a Justin Fields-like ascent?

Ty Thompson, Gilbert (Arizona) 

Composite Rank: No. 142 

Enlistment Status: Iowa, California, and Oregon are running "warm" in his enrollment. LSU is in interest too. 

First observing him the previous spring to seeing him prior this spring at the Pylon 7on7 in Nevada, which he at that point caught up with a Top 5 presentation at the Under Armor Camp in Arizona, you are beginning to see the climb occurring. Thompson has a gun for an arm and is additionally tremendous in 7v7 and on the camp circuit, so this will be another chance to keep on inclining upwards. The 6-4, 200-pounder keeps on improving every single time we see him and with his size and range of abilities, and readiness to contend at pretty much every occasion, he'll have various chances to keep stirring his way up the rankings." - Brandon Huffman, National Analyst 

Drake Maye, Charlotte (North Carolina) 

Composite Rank: No. 56 

Selecting Status: Committed to Alabama 

 He's as of now a person I'm pushing to keep climbing. The Alabama submit had a sensational junior year tossing for 50 touchdowns and only two block attempts. A smooth, exact, downfield passer with a fast discharge and fabulous touch, Maye additionally has the arms ability and deals with the football. Our staff (Charles Power) had eyes on him again as of late and denoted the advancement from sophomore to junior year. Maye originates from great bloodlines (father had a staggering secondary school vocation before playing at North Carolina, more seasoned sibling gazed for the Tar Heels ball group) and he has a solid multi-sport profile also. I effectively like him as a main five generally speaking possibility in 2021. I realize he was the No. 1 QB focus for a few noticeable school programs as well." – Steve Wilfong, Director of Recruiting 

 He was close to impeccable through the span of the competition. It appeared as though his group scored a touchdown on each drive. Maye's handling velocity and exactness were exceptional, and he made simple work of an optional brimming with four-star possibilities. This was the first occasion when I've seen him face to face since the previous spring, and he's kept on improving genuinely and with his arm quality. In the wake of setting off to a couple of different occasions including the Elite 11's Atlanta Regional this end of the week, Maye is head and shoulders the best 2021 quarterback I've seen in 2020 (I've yet to see Caleb Williams or Sam Huard). Given how great Maye glanced in that live setting and the reality he was the most effective passer in the 2021 gathering as a lesser (72%, 50 TD, 2 INT, most elevated QBR), he has an upward direction and could be prepared for an ascent expecting he keeps it up." – Charles Power, National Analyst

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