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New Corona, Will kill millions of people?! 10 Point You Must Know

New Corona, Will kill millions of people?! 10 Point You Must Know

A global emergency, Cities closed in the world, Tens of thousands of people are infected, Mortality increases daily, It jumps from one country to another to reap its economy, reputation and the lives of some of its residents, as well as it, did in China and Iran and threatens the complete world and nobody is safe from it

Content in points

  1. New Corona, Will kill millions of people?!
  2. It's the new novel coronavirus 2019
  3. Corona symptoms
  4. Who is more susceptible to corona infection?
  5. There are two main factors involved in the corona severity
  6. Corona treatment 
  7. Corona's future 
  8. Corona end 
  9. How to avoid corona
  10. A state of panic

New Corona, Will kill millions of people?!

The 1918 flu pandemic affected a third of the world's population, It killed 50 million people, and its more than  the First World War's killed number.
 Epidemics are the worst that can happen, And if different people unite on something, then they will unite to get rid of it today, Something that is 5 million times smaller than you will cause the largest quarantine in human history. This happens in China on more than 60 million people prohibited cities empty from China through Iran to Italy and others, Thousands of deaths and many thousands lacerate

It's the new novel coronavirus 2019

To understand the problem, let's prepare a little time for the year 2002 before that point of time. The world was dealing with coronaviruses as a benign thing that causes humans with colds. Those that need to be treated should stay at home and eat warm soup in order to recover, but this romantic story will end with the transformation of this object to Ruthless serial killer talking here SARS or what is known as a severe acute respiratory syndrome.

SARS appeared in northern China and soon went beyond its borders, reaching the whole world, After only three weeks, about 8,000 people have contracted this virus, and more than 800 people have died
in more than 32 countries.

Now, We will go to 2012. At that time, the Egyptian doctor, Mohamed Ali Zakaria, discovered a new case of a similar virus in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. The newcomer is similar to the SARS virus, but it does not spread easily among people, but the mortality rates due to it were big. The new case was called Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome MERS M I R S. It infected 2,500 people, 850 of them died, MIRS and SARS look like the new Corona in only one thing. These viruses have started from the wildlife world

It spread between animals, then genetically transformed and transferred to humans. In the case of the new Corona, we know that it appeared in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, There you can meet all kinds of Beings packed in cages. This is not a reassuring signal, according to a published study in the famous gamma journal, animal-borne viruses have always been a problem. Besides Sars, Mirs, and Corona, There are also other examples, such as AIDS, Ebola and bird flu. The first research findings indicate that a new corona source may be bats

Corona symptoms

Viruses. Very small creatures are so small that the bacteria themselves cannot be seen. Wherever it enters the human body, it means a specific type of cell that enters it and forces its DNA to make new copies of the virus itself. As this huge amount of virus exits from cells, it is torn and the body's immune system works to resist, This causes the first symptoms of the disease, nausea, diarrhea, coughing, coughing and difficulty breathing. It is a common cold symptom. but there is a problem In many cases of the new corona, there are no symptoms or they may be very mild, such as feeling some sore throat, Which is soon to go away In serious cases, the matter may last for about two weeks and may lead to the fulfillment

Who is more susceptible to corona infection?

According to a study conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, based on data about 72,000 confirmed cases, Corona has an average effect on just over 80% of cases. There was a normal cold, 14% of the cases were valuable in a degree of severity, and 5% of the cases were under critical condition evaluation, including deaths

There are two main factors involved in the corona severity

The First:
Is the presence of heart diseases, such as hypertension or heart failure or other pressure

The second:
The second is age. Under the age of 40, the probability of death is very minimal, exactly 0.2%. As for children, there have been no deaths from them until now, while the odds of death increase with increasing age until the eighties

Corona treatment 

Until now, we do not have any anti-corona treatment or serum, Do not wait for anything from pharmacies, The only treatment available for any research gesture is to cut the human chain of infection, Did you not ask yourself how we no longer hear about SARS? that human transmission has stopped, the spread of the virus has stopped, and its potential for transmission from animals to humans has remained, but within an appropriate environment for that.

Now, this is what the countries of the world do. Preventing the spread of infection among the largest number of people and blocking the virus with widespread quarantine. According to the World Health Organization, Corona is not yet a global pandemic, but it is close to that

Corona's future

 You must now ask what is the future of the new Corona? Will he keep listening to us or stand up and how many injuries and deaths are expected? OK, Nobody knows yet, there are many risk factors and reassurance factors. Many cases show no symptoms. This is reassuring, but it means that large numbers of people infected with the virus are not present in the announcements of the Chinese or world governments.

 So a recent study came in the famous medical journal The Lancet, which predicts that the number of injured people on January 27th was about 76,000 cases. This means that the number of infected people is now several hundred thousand from around the world and in the Chinese in particular.

 According to a statistical mechanism created by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Medicine in the Tropics, it is that within a few weeks Corona can affect 500,000 people and may affect millions in months. These are optimistic expectations. As for the less optimistic expectations, it is estimated that about 600 million people can be infected in China alone

Corona end 

In the summer, Corona may stop, because this type of virus calms down with high temperatures, but unfortunately, this is not a rule, as his companion, MERS, infected the Saudis under the blazing August sun. In the end, Corona may continue with us.

It becomes a seasonal disease that is renewed every winter in China or around the world. Until now, all research activity around it is freely available to scientists around the world to develop fast treatments or serums. Scientists from the American National Science Foundation had that made it possible to access the DNA sequence that produces one of the important proteins responsible for the virus’s ability to infect humans.

This means a future possibility, and we are talking here about a few months to discover a new virus vaccine that prevents it from attaching to human cells. But even this moment, all possibilities are available. It might turn out what happened in the flu cases that killed a million people in both the 1957 and 1968 accidents. It may not happen so you should be careful.

How to avoid corona

There are a set of very effective measures that can protect your life. According to a study released by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it can reduce the Corona injury outside the Chinese by seventy percent. Start by increasing the number of times you wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds at a time. You know that more than two-thirds of people do not. Avoid being in crowded places the maximum amount as possible. Avoid touching your face frequently if you get sick, so don't go outside

A state of panic

The most dangerous virus damage, such as the new Corona, is not deaths, but general panic. Citizens in Italy, for example, rushed to the markets to bring supplies in anticipation of the disaster. In China, there has been, and there is nothing wrong with, the decline of the economy clearly. Experts in this range believe that he will not recover soon. Because of the fear of all countries in the world from doing business with China

That has become like a stigma attached to it for a long time. Yes, it is very dangerous on a global level in a very small percentage that means millions of people. But for an ordinary person less than forty years old, the risk potential is only 0.2% so far, and with the measures we mentioned sold, they are less than that. Films paint a frightening picture of viruses and people take their information from them, so the first thing you should avoid is excessive fear, just stick to the rules, and wait for relief.

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New Corona, Will kill millions of people?! 10 Point You Must Know

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