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Does YouGov ever disburse for surveys or is it a sham?

Does YouGov ever disburse for surveys or is it a sham?

For about four years I have been filling in surveys  but the elusive £50 it promises still no closer

I have been completing YouGov surveys for what looks like years, hoping that I'd eventually, make some money out of it. There are not any details on my profile but I might 

guess it must be about four years.

Surveys wont to are available hebdomadally, then they bogged down. Now I buy one every fortnight and each second or third maybe a prize draw, so a waste of my time. The surveys take about quarter-hour but can take less if the questions are too silly!

My total points are now 3,175 – still an extended way from the 5,000 needed to earn that elusive £50. this is often starting to feel a touch of a sham and not ethical.

I could hand over, but my question is – how often does it disburse and the way long does it take? In my experience, that's tons of your time to take a position. I even have written to YouGov within the past with similar questions but get little satisfaction. NN, Isle of South Uist, Scotland

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Not all of them are reliable. There are a growing number of research companies offering rewards for customer reviews and for testing products and writing reviews.

However, YouGov can be a legitimate organization that does a lot of far-reaching work for the state and sees itself as a global community of around four million members or contributors.

Survey rewards are usually given in the form of sign-up bonuses, vouchers, and frustrations when entering the draws. But the truth is, you only need to complete a large number of surveys to earn money.

“In order for our results to be representative of the general public, we would like to have the corresponding figures for each age group. Certain interests, likes, and dislikes are often not identified in the raffle survey. This should ensure that the member receives more inquiries in the future, as many of them are sent to those we all know have certain characteristics. But this is not a guarantee, and for these reasons, we cannot promise any panelist a number of surveys. "

We cannot imagine that it is often a great comfort. However, there are many other survey companies that you will try. Have readers used those who make decent money?

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